Moly Gear Grease Cartridge, 48/Carton

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Moly Gear Grease Cartridge

Moly Gear Grease Cartridge is engineered for prolonged lubrication needs, surpassing many conventional greases in longevity. Formulated with molybdenum disulfide, it "plates out" on metal surfaces, significantly reducing friction and enhancing durability. This grease exhibits exceptional resistance to a wide array of environmental factors, including acids, weather conditions, dirt, water, steam, and oxidation, ensuring consistent performance in diverse settings.

Key Features:

  • Extended lubrication cycles
  • Reduction of friction through molybdenum disulfide
  • Resistance to acids, weather, dirt, water, steam, and oxidation
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 550°F
  • High shock and impact resistance
  • Outstanding load-carrying capacity of up to 65 Timken Load
  • Enhanced with corrosion and rust inhibitors

Whether used in automotive applications, industrial machinery, or marine equipment, Moly Gear Grease Cartridges delivers reliable lubrication under demanding conditions. Its superior performance and robust formulation make it an ideal choice for applications where durability and longevity are paramount. Ensure smooth operation and protect your equipment with Moly Gear Grease Cartridges. Shop now at for quality lubrication solutions.

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