Kimberly-Clark Professional* Universal Towel Dispenser, 13.31 x 5.85 x 18.85, Smoke

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Kimberly-Clark Professional* Universal Towel Dispenser

Professional* Universal Towel Dispenser is a versatile solution for any commercial or public restroom or kitchen space. Measuring 13.31 x 5.85 x 18.85 inches, this smoke-colored dispenser features a contemporary curved design with a translucent cover, giving it a modern and sleek appearance.

  • One of its key features is its compatibility with various towel types without the need for adapters or inserts. Whether you use Scottfold*, Multifold, or C-Fold towels, this dispenser can accommodate them all, making it convenient for any environment.
  • Security is also ensured with its locking plastic case, providing protection for your towels from theft or tampering. Additionally, mounting screws are included, allowing for easy installation on any wall surface.
  • This dispenser not only provides practicality and functionality but also adds a touch of style to your space. Its design and features make it an ideal choice for busy restroom or kitchen areas in offices, restaurants, schools, and other commercial settings. Upgrade your facility with the Kimberly-Clark Professional Universal Towel Dispenser, available now at

Its curved, contemporary design and translucent cover add a modern touch to any restroom or kitchen area. With a locking plastic case, it provides security for your towels. Mounting screws are included for easy installation.

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