Institutional Low-Density Infectious Waste Can Liners, 10 gal, 1.3 mil, 24" x 23", Red, 25 Bags/Roll, 10 Rolls/Carton


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Institutional Low-Density Infectious Waste Liners, 10 gal

Introducing Flipcost Institutional Low-Density Infectious Waste Liners:

  • Prime resins used for superior quality.
  • Star seal bottom ensures even weight distribution and easy removal from receptacle.
  • Compact coreless interleaved rolls save storage space and make dispensing convenient.

Flipcost presents Institutional Low-Density Infectious Waste Lineras designed for maximum efficiency and cleanliness in waste disposal. These liners are crafted with prime resins, ensuring superior quality and durability, making them ideal for institutional use.

Featuring a star seal bottom, these liners provide even weight distribution, reducing the risk of leaks and making removal from the receptacle hassle-free. Whether used in healthcare facilities, laboratories, or any setting where infectious waste management is crucial, these liners offer reliable containment.

The compact coreless interleaved rolls not only save storage space but also make dispensing effortless. With each roll containing 25 bags and 10 rolls per carton, these liners offer a convenient and economical solution for managing infectious waste.

Flipcost is committed to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of businesses and institutions alike. With our Institutional Low-Density Infectious Wastsa Liners, you can ensure a clean and safe environment while streamlining your waste management processes.

Invest in Flipcost Institutionals Low-Density Infectious Waste Liners today and experience the difference in quality and convenience. Shop now at

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