Honeycomb Insulated Wrap, 14 x 16, 500/Pack, 2 Packs/Carton

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Honeycomb Insulated Wrap Packs

Honeycomb Insulated Wrap Packs provide a convenient and efficient solution for preserving food freshness and maintaining temperature during transport or storage. Each pack includes 500 sheets of 14 x 16-inch wrap, ensuring you have an ample supply for your needs.

  • The key feature of this product is its honeycomb design, which enhances its insulating properties. This design creates air pockets that minimize heat transfer, keeping contents at the desired temperature for longer periods.
  • The wrap consists of two layers: a reflective foil and a moisture-absorbing paper. The reflective foil helps to reflect heat away from the contents, while the moisture-absorbing paper ensures that any condensation is absorbed, preventing moisture buildup that can compromise food quality.
  • One of the notable benefits of this wrap is its superior dead-fold wrapping action. This means that once folded, it maintains its shape, providing a secure and tight seal around the contents, preventing leaks or spills.

Whether you're wrapping sandwiches, baked goods, or hot meals, this Honeycomb Insulated Wrap offers reliable performance to meet your food packaging needs. Shop now at Flipcost.com for quality insulation and freshness preservation.

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