Blueline® Fridge Planner Magnetized Weekly Calendar with Pads + Pencil, 12 x 12.5, White/Yellow Sheets, 16-Month (Sept-Dec): 2024-2025

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Fridge Planner Magnetized Weekly Calendar with Pads + Pencil 

Experience the convenience of our Fridge Planner Magnetized Weekly Calendar, designed to streamline your scheduling and keep your life in order. This compact calendar features ample space for daily planning, allowing you to jot down appointments, tasks, and reminders with ease.

The included "Do Not Forget" section ensures that important tasks or events won't slip through the cracks, while separate pads for shopping lists and general notes keep everything neatly organized. Constructed with reinforced plastic, the Maxi magnetized holder securely attaches to your fridge or any magnetic surface, keeping your calendar easily accessible.

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and scattered notes – our magnetized calendar provides a centralized solution for all your planning needs. With designated slots for each component, including the mechanical pencil, you'll never have to search for missing items again.

Whether you're meal planning, coordinating family schedules, or keeping track of important deadlines, our Fridge Planner Magnetized Weekly Calendar offers the perfect blend of functionality and convenience. Simplify your life and stay on top of your commitments with this essential organization tool.

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