End Tab Pressboard Classification Folders, Eight SafeSHIELD Fasteners, 3" Expansion, 3 Dividers, Legal Size, Gray-Green,10/BX

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End Tab Pressboard Classification Folders

When safety and security are paramount, End Tab Pressboard Classification Folders with Eight SafeSHIELD Fasteners and a 3" Expansion are the ultimate solution. These legal-size folders come in a gray-green color and feature three dividers, providing ample space and organization for your documents. The SafeSHIELD bonded fasteners are designed to protect both your papers and your fingers, significantly reducing the risk of fastener crinkling and damage.

  • Constructed from heavyweight pressboard material, these folders are built to last, ensuring durability and reliable performance in any office setting. The design includes end tabs, making them perfect for efficient filing and quick access. Different colors can be used to differentiate various projects, enhancing your organizational system. Labels for the folders are sold separately, allowing for further customization to meet your specific needs.
  • These folders are essential for anyone needing secure and organized document storage. Their robust construction and thoughtful design make them an excellent choice for maintaining the integrity of your important papers. Shop now at Flipcost.com to experience the ultimate in file management and security.

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