EcoSense Renewable Plant Starch Cutlery, Knife, 7", 50/Pack, 20 Packs/Carton

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EcoSense Renewable Plant Starch Cutlery

Experience sustainability with EcoSense Renewable Plant Starch Cutlery Knives, 7". Crafted with eco-friendly materials, these knives offer a guilt-free alternative to conventional plastic utensils. The innovative design combines functionality with environmental consciousness, ensuring every meal is served with a side of sustainability.

  • Made with 70% renewable resources, these cutlery knives reduce dependency on non-renewable materials, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Heat resistant to 200°F, these knives are suitable for a wide range of culinary applications, from stirring hot beverages to cutting through warm dishes.
  • Reinforced, ribbed handles provide a sturdy grip, offering stability and control during use.
  • Each pack contains 50 knives, providing an ample supply for various events, gatherings, or everyday use.
  • With 20 packs per carton, stocking up on these eco-friendly utensils is convenient and economical.

EcoSense Plant Starch Cutlery Knives, 7", offer a sustainable solution without compromising on quality or performance. Elevate your dining experience while reducing your carbon footprint. Shop now at and join the movement towards a greener tomorro

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