Dart® Plastic Plates, 3-Compartment, 9" dia, White, 125/Pack, 4 Packs/Carton


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Dart® Plastic Plates 3-Compartment

  1. Introducing Dart® Plastic Plates, these 3-compartment 9" dia plates in White, packed in 125/Pack, 4 Packs/Carton, offer durability and functionality for your dining needs. Here's why they stand out:

  • Rigid Design: Dart® Plastic Plates are engineered to be the most rigid available, ensuring stability and support for your meals.
  • Crystal Cap Finish: Featuring a "crystal cap" finish, these plates deliver a china-like effect, elevating the dining experience while enhancing product strength.
  • Non-Absorbent Surface: Say goodbye to messy leaks! The non-absorbent, cut-resistant surface of these plates prevents sauces from seeping through, maintaining cleanliness and presentation.
  • Attractive Design: With a simple yet attractive design, these plates effortlessly complement any place setting, making them suitable for various occasions.

Dart® Plastic Plates, available in convenient packs, are perfect for restaurants, catering events, and home use alike. Elevate your dining experience with the reliability and style of Dart® products. Shop Now at Flipcost.com for all your dining essentials.



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