Combo Burnishing Pads 19" Tan Diameter, Tan, 5/Carton

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Combo Burnishing Pads 19" Tan Diameter, Tan

Combo Burnishing Pads, 19" Diameter, Tan, 5/Carton

Flipcost introduces Combo Burnishing Pads, designed with a blend of polyester and light natural fibers for optimal performance. These pads are specially crafted to deliver superior results on soft to medium finishes, making them ideal for various floor surfaces.

  • Blended Material: The Combo Burnishing Pads are made from a blend of polyester and light natural fibers, ensuring durability and consistent performance during use.

  • Recommended Use: These pads are recommended for soft to medium finishes, providing exceptional results when buffing or burnishing floors. Whether you're maintaining vinyl, linoleum, or other similar surfaces, these pads offer versatility and reliability.

  • Extra High Gloss: Achieve an extra high gloss finish effortlessly with these burnishing pads. They are designed to enhance the shine of your floors, leaving them looking immaculate and professionally maintained.

Flipcost is committed to providing top-notch products that streamline your cleaning and maintenance routines. Our Combo Burnishing Pads are no exception, delivering outstanding results with every use. With a 19" diameter and available in a convenient carton of 5, these pads are perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

For all your cleaning and maintenance needs, trust Flipcost to deliver quality products that exceed expectations. Get your Combo Burnishing Pads today and experience the difference.

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