Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lids, Flat Lid, 16" Diameter, Clear, 50/Carton


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Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lid

Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lid offer a convenient solution for catering needs, ensuring your food stays fresh and secure during transportation. These flat lids, with a generous 16" diameter, are crafted from clear plastic, providing visibility while maintaining an elegant presentation.


  • Leak-resistant design with a secure rim closure prevents messy spills, offering peace of mind during transport.
  • Unique stacking system allows for nesting, enhancing stability and conserving space in storage and transportation.
  • Available in both dome and flat options, providing versatility to cater to various serving needs.
  • Gripping tab functions facilitate easy handling, ensuring efficient service at events and gatherings.

Enhance Your Catering Experience

With Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lids, you can streamline your catering operations while maintaining the quality and freshness of your dishes. Whether you're serving salads, entrees, or desserts, these lids offer reliable protection and convenience, making them an essential addition to your catering supplies.

Experience Convenience with Caterline

Invest in Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lids and elevate your catering experience. Designed for durability and functionality, these lids are the perfect choice for catering professionals and event organizers alike. Ensure your dishes arrive safely and stylishly with Caterline. Shop now at

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