Caterline Clear Plastic Dome Lids, 12" Diameter x 275"h, , 25/Carton


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Caterline Clear Plastic Dome Lids, 

Caterline Clear Plastic Dome Lids are essential for keeping food fresh and protected in various settings. Whether you're serving food at a catered event, a restaurant, or even at home, these dome lids offer convenience and reliability. With their 12" diameter and 2.75" height, they provide ample space to cover a variety of trays or containers.

  • One of the key features of these dome lids is their press-n-lift tabs, which make it easy to securely seal and open the lid as needed. Additionally, the dome edge is trimmed close to the tray edge, ensuring a snug fit that helps prevent spills or leaks.
  • Another advantage of these dome lids is their nesting feature, which allows them to stack neatly when not in use, saving valuable storage space. This also prevents them from shifting during transportation, keeping your food items safe and intact.
  • Made of clear plastic, these dome lids offer excellent visibility, allowing customers to easily see the contents inside. This is particularly important for showcasing food items in a visually appealing way.
  • These dome lids are suitable for use with a wide range of products, making them versatile and practical for any foodservice operation. Whether you're covering trays of sandwiches, salads, desserts, or appetizers, these lids provide a professional finishing touch.
  • In conclusion, clear plastic dome lids are a must-have for any catering business, restaurant, or foodservice operation. Their durable construction, press-n-lift tabs, and nesting feature make them convenient and reliable for everyday use. Ensure your food stays fresh and presentable with these high-quality dome lids from

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