Boardwalk® Hardwound Paper Towels, Nonperforated, 1-Ply, 8" x 800 ft, Natural, 6 Rolls/Carton

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Boardwalk® Hardwound Paper Towels Nonperforated 1-Ply

Introducing Hardwound Paper Towels Nonperforated 1-Ply by Flipcost:

  • Convenient Hardwound Rolls: These paper towels from Flipcost come hardwound in rolls, making them perfect for busy commercial environments where a steady supply of hand towels is essential.
  • One-Ply and Nonperforated: With a single-ply construction and no perforations, these towels offer a reliable solution for hand drying in commercial washrooms. Each roll provides continuous, uninterrupted use without the need for tearing.
  • Durable and Absorbent: Despite their lightweight nature, these paper towels are designed to be durable and highly absorbent, ensuring effective hand drying while minimizing waste.

Flipcost offers Boardwalk® Hardwound Paper Towels, Nonperforated, 1-Ply, 8" x 800 ft, Natural, 6 Rolls/Carton, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business's hand drying needs. These towels are suitable for use in various settings, including offices, restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Manufactured to high standards, Boardwalk® Hardwound Paper Towels are made from quality materials to ensure reliability and performance. The 1-ply construction offers a balance of strength and absorbency, while the nonperforated design allows for easy dispensing and minimal waste.

With a length of 800 feet per roll, these paper towels require fewer changeovers, saving time and labor costs. Their natural color blends seamlessly into any environment, while the compact size of the rolls saves valuable storage space.

Trust Flipcost for all your paper towel needs. Whether you're stocking up for a small business or a large facility, these Hardwound Paper Towels Nonperforaated 1-Ply provide the durability and convenience you require. Shop now at

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