Boardwalk® White Cotton Deck Mop, 54" Natural Wood Handle

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Boardwalk® White Cotton Deck Mop, 54" Natural Wood Handle

Introducing White Cotton Deck Mop:

  • Traditional deck mops have been a staple for effective floor cleaning for years, and Boardwalk® Handle/Deck Mops from Flipcost continue this tradition with their reliable performance and durable construction.

  • The Boardwalk® Handle/Deck Mop features a #20 white cotton head, providing excellent absorbency for thorough cleaning tasks. Its four-ply yarn ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for various cleaning applications.

  • Designed with a fuller head, this mop offers increased absorbency, allowing you to tackle spills and messes with ease. Whether you're cleaning up spills in a commercial setting or maintaining your home's floors, this mop is up to the task.

  • The 54" natural wood handle provides a sturdy grip and comfortable control during use. Crafted from solid wood, the handle offers durability and reliability, ensuring that the mop withstands frequent use.

  • What sets the Boardwalk® Handle/Deck Mop apart is its lightweight design. This feature makes it easy to maneuver, reducing strain during extended cleaning sessions. Its lightweight construction also makes it ideal for daily use, whether you're cleaning small spills or larger floor areas.

  • Whether you're a homeowner, janitorial professional, or facility manager, the Boardwalk® Handle/Deck Mop is a versatile cleaning tool that delivers exceptional results. With its quality construction and reliable performance, it's no wonder that Flipcost is your go-to destination for top-notch cleaning supplies.

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