Artistic® Rhinolin II Desk Pad with Antimicrobial Protection, 36 x 20, Black

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Artistic® Rhinolin II Desk Pad

The Artistic® Rhinolin II Desk Pad with Antimicrobial Protection, sized at 36 x 20 inches and in sleek black, provides a workspace that's not only smooth but also protected. Its primary feature is its antimicrobial protection, which ensures a clean and germ-free environment. This protection is especially important for shared workspaces or areas where hygiene is paramount.

  • The desk pad's ultra-smooth surface not only enhances writing experience but also safeguards your desktop from scratches and spills. Its non-glare finish reduces eyestrain, promoting comfortable working conditions. Moreover, the absence of side panels allows unrestricted movement for writing or drawing.
  • A notable feature is its firm self-healing surface, which effortlessly conceals shallow cuts, nicks, and pressure lines, maintaining a pristine appearance over time. The foam backing provides stability and prevents slipping, ensuring that the desk pad stays in place even during busy workdays.
  • Designed to be compatible with all desk finishes, this desk pad is a versatile addition to any workspace. Whether it's in a home office, classroom, or corporate setting, the Rhinolin II Desk Pad offers both functionality and style.

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