AFS-TEX Active Balance Board, 14w x 20d x 2.5h, Black


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AFS-TEX Active Balance Board

Introducing the AFS-TEX Active Balance Board, Flipcost presents an innovative solution for those seeking to enhance their standing desk experience. Crafted to promote gentle and controlled movement, this ergonomic board is the ideal companion for maintaining a healthy workspace. Here's why the AFS-TEX Active Board stands out:

  • Stimulates gentle and controlled movement
  • Combines comfort and body support with the unique AFS-TEX anti-fatigue standing surface
  • Features an 8.5° tilting angle for continual movement and increased blood flow
  • Strengthens lower back, hip, leg, and ankle joints and muscles through regular use
  • Improves posture and joint mobility for ongoing wellbeing
  • Includes an integral foot massaging design for added stimulation
  • Enhances concentration and work productivity through subconscious mind and body engagement
  • Incorporates anti-microbial ingredients to protect against microbial deterioration
  • Ensures safety with an anti-slip base
  • Boasts a weight capacity of 330 lbs

Experience the benefits of the AFS-TEX Board for yourself and revolutionize your workspace. Visit to make your purchase today.


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