70C0Z50 Unison Imaging Unit page yield, Black/Tri-Color

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C0Z50  Unison Imaging Unit page yield

Introducing the  Unison Imaging Unit page yield by Flipcost:

  • Designed to work best with Unison™ toner.
  • Delivers consistently outstanding image quality.
  • Ensures long-life print reliability.
  • Essential to maintaining premium Lexmark™ print performance.

The 70C0Z50 Unison Imaging Unit from Flipcost is designed to complement Unison™ toner, ensuring the best possible print quality for your Lexmark™ printer. With a page yield of 40,000, this imaging unit consistently delivers sharp, professional-looking documents, making it an essential component for any office environment.

When it comes to print reliability, the 70C0Z50 doesn't disappoint. Its durable construction ensures long-life performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime. This reliability translates to cost savings over time, making it a wise investment for businesses of any size.

Maintaining premium print performance is crucial, especially in demanding work environments. With the 70C0Z50 Unison Imaging Unit, you can rest assured that your Lexmark™ printer will continue to produce high-quality prints, page after page. Whether you're printing text documents, graphics, or photographs, this imaging unit consistently delivers exceptional results.

At Flipcost, we understand the importance of quality and reliability in your printing supplies. That's why we offer the 70C0Z50 Unison Imaging Unit, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience the difference in print quality and reliability with the 70C0Z50 Unison Imaging Unit, available now at Flipcost.com.

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