Blueline® 12-Month Wall Calendar, Succulent Plants Photography, 12 x 17, White/Multicolor Sheets, 12-Month (Jan to Dec): 2024

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12-Month Wall Calendar, Succulent Plants Wall Calendar, 12 x 17, White/Multicolor Sheets, 12-Month (Jan to Dec): 2024

The Succulent Plants Wall Calendar brings nature's allure into your home or office with its trendy succulent plant images adorning each month. Spanning from January to December, this 12-month calendar ensures you stay organized throughout the year. Featuring one month per sheet, with a block dedicated to each day, it offers ample space for jotting down appointments, events, and reminders. Conveniently, past and next month calendars are displayed on each sheet, aiding in future planning and referencing. Its reinforced chipboard backer ensures durability, while the gold twin-wire binding with an eyelet allows for easy suspension anywhere you desire. Keep track of time effortlessly with the included countdown of days passed and days to come, along with designated spaces for noting important dates. Whether used for personal planning or as a decorative accent, this calendar combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it a must-have for succulent enthusiasts and organization aficionados alike. Get ready to organize your year in style with the Succulent Plants Wall Calendar. |

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